What we offer ?

  •  We offer services related to market access of goods either exported or imported to the Middle East and North African Countries.

  •  We help exporters and importers to comply with the increasing Standard and other mandatory requirements they need to comply With .

  •  We have the experience and skill to provide technical advice to introduce products to the market in an effective manner .

Testing & Analysis

We truly care about our customers

  •  Testing provides businesses with confidence that products are safe, of the right quality, and confirm to specifications.

  •  Provides testing and analysis services for commodities, consumer products and industrial equipment.


All things need to be inspected in order to reach to perfect quality

  •   ­ Technical Inspection

    Inspections verify that products, assets and systems are designed and operated efficiently and meet safety and quality criteria.

    • Lifting equipment inspection
    • Psi. Pre­shipment inspection
    • Voc/ Verification of conformity

  •   ­ commercial inspection

    • We provide quality and quantity inspection of materials in the process of production, shipment or in ports. Our services meet the highest standards in the inspection Is concerned with the quality and quantity of the products: which may include visual Inspection ,dimensional inspection ,witness testing , documentation review and packing and marking.
    • We provide timely, accurate quality and quantity verification service, addressed to meet the needs of our clients.


Every successfull company needs an experienced consultant

  •   Seek external expertise to understand regulatory requirements and industry best practice, and improve performance.

  •   Miqyass provides a consultancy services across a range of sectors and types of expertise.

You may like to use our services in one of the following areas:-

  • Export and import regulations.
  • Export /import licensing formalities.
  • Pre & post shipment documentations and certification.
  • Customs regulations and clearance.
  • Import and export tariffs and duties.
  • Country of origin issues.

Our consulting services covered: Energy Efficiency Approvals EER

  ­1-Laboratory Services

  • If your laboratory is involved in testing or calibration, and is looking To achieve ISO 17025 accreditation, Miqyass can provide you with as much help and advice as you require.
  • We have extensive experience in ISO 17025 quality management systems.
  • We can also provide your staff with as much advice and support as they need while they develop your system.

  2- Shipment Certification

  • Certain countries in the middle east and Africa have mandatory certification schemes, where products need to have certificates of conformity in order to demonstrate compliance to mandatory requirements and clear customs.
  • We manage the certification process of shipments from start to end .
  • We arrange and supervise product registration, shipment inspection and certification, and delivery of your certificate.

  3- GSO Certification

  • All vehicles and tires exported to GCC countries need to obtain GCC approval before export to any of the GCC countries.
  • Miqyass has a wealth of experience to help exporters and local importers to facilitate obtaining these licenses.

  4- Energy Efficiency Approvals EER

  • Energy efficiency licensing is increasing only becoming mandatory in the port countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and others all have energy efficiency labeling programs for certain products.
  • We can assist you to implement energy efficiency requirements and ensure that your products obtain the necessary approvals that will allow export to these countries.

  5- Telecom & Radio Approvals

  • Telecom and radio communication devices are subject to regulatory compliance verification and certification which could vary from one country to other. The regulations and approval process also differs according to the type of device.
  • We provide reliable, accurate and on- time approval services, and we are able to help obtaining the approval for products to any country in the port regions.
  • You can get benefit from our wealth of expert knowledge and contacts with the local regulatory bodies.

  6- SFDA Registration

  • Registration of cosmetic products and personal care at SFDA became mandatory to clear the imported products. Miqyass Providing this services for all cosmetics products.

  7- Standards Services

  • Translation of standards .
  • Requirement for production standards.
  • Testing requirement standards.


We truly care about our customers

  •  Employees represent the front line in effective management of quality, health, safety and environmental impact.

  •  Training programs help companies ensure employees understand and implement company policies .

  •  We also provide specialist training for specific sectors.

  •  We help our customers improve their products, assets and processes to make them more successful in their chosen markets.

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